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We help Agencies reduce their Silverstripe development costs without compromising on quality

Taking on more clients involves hiring SilverStripe developers to cope with the workload. Your agency costs skyrocket from the first day that those new employees come on board.

Move your agency forward without hiring internally. Leverage our 6+ years of SilverStripe experience to help you get work done.

Who We Are?

We’re a company of two because that is the only way to guarantee quality. In other words, we complete all your SilverStripe work with our bare hands. No account managers or unskilled labor. Just two SilverStripe developers – motivated to listen and serve, from start to finish.

David Hennessy
Anh Le Duc

What We've Done

For over 6 years we have joined forces with many SilverStripe Agencies and SilverStripe Website owners all over the globe. When we start working you, we're in it for the long haul.

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Work Samples

The majority of work we do is subcontracted and declared confidential by our clients. Would you like to receive some samples of our SilverStripe work and rates?

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Ofer Client
Ofer Akerman
Manager, @ Cashfloat

Anh Le and Dave are true SilverStripe experts and great to work with

Neil client
Neil Creagh
Founder , @ Fuel

The boys can handle the most complex SliverStripe work you throw at them

Thomas client
Thomas B. Nielsen
Manager, @ NoBrainerWeb

Dave and Anh Le deliver what they say, when they say it

Daniel client
Daniel Farbox
Manager, @ Farbox Creative

A rock solid SilverStripe ageny

How Much Do We Charge?

Because our two-man agency operates offshore, our operating costs are lower. We pass those cost savings to you. We offer competitive rates without compromising on quality. Would you like to receive our hourly rates and SilverStripe work examples?

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Latest Product

We have created a new SilverStripe product that helps designers, developers and companies create SilverStripe websites quickly and easily.

How does it work?

You can choose from a variety of pre-designed SilverStrsipe blocks, which can be combined to create a SilverStripe website. Build SilverStripe pages in seconds with a basic understanding of SilverStripe.

SilverStripe Product


Around 2010 we built our first web app using SilverStripe. The app did not make us millions but we instantly fell in love with SilverStripe! We decided to draw a line in the sand and only focus on working with exclusively with SilverStripe. Seven years later we still eat, breath and dream of SilverStripe.

Custom Add Ons

One of our favorite aspects of SilverStripe is its extend-ability. The framework, as a whole, is a fantastic content management platform on which we've built some pretty unique features. We believe the key to a successful project is starting with a powerful foundation that can be further built upon. With that foundation in place, necessary pieces can be added to achieve your goals. We do this by developing custom add-ons for our projects and our clients. If you need of custom add-on for a SilverStripe project we would love to discuss the details.


The ability to call for support in times of need is crucial to any business. We are there for clients in need. You can get in touch with us via Slack during emergencies. If your site has gone down or there is a bug that needs immediate attention, then will be more than happy to help. It's important to have someone who is ready to take charge during difficult situations. We would love to be your trusted SilverStripe developers even in times of urgent need. If you have a problem that you need help with, please contact us now.


We refuse to work on with any other platform and focus 100% on everything SilverStripe. We pour our heart and soul into every project we do because working with good people and SilverStripe makes us insanely happy. We are meticulous and take pride in doing things properly. We've racked up more hours working with SilverStripe than any other outsourcing team, guaranteed. Very experienced hands will handle your most important SilversStripe work. If you let us we would be honored to sit down and discuss how we can help you get work done.


We do more than just deliver websites. Aside from providing you with top-notch sites, we will also help you become more knowledgeable on SilverStripe. We use Remote Desktop Training to teach you how to master this content system. It usually takes an hour or two to turn you into a more SilverStripe savvy individual. We will share your PC screen and guide you on how to make changes and how to become a competent administrator of your website. This is a fantastic way of learning how to take more control over your website and reduce the cost of maintenance, updating, and administration.


Your PSD design, sliced and hand coded into a high-quality, fully functional SilverStripe site. You get a SilverStripe theme that works flawlessly across all popular browsers and devices, keeping both users and search engines happy. Once we're done slicing, coding and cross-browser testing your theme, we upload it to a staging server where you can take it for a test drive. Next, you share your comments and feedback, and we will do all the necessary tweaking before handing you over the completed site. We will work tirelessly with you to ensure you are 100% happy with the conversion.


Everyone wants a beautiful website that works on mobiles, tablets, and desktops. And we have taken that requirement one step further. The SilverStripe sites we build for you use themestripe, our block builder functionality as its foundation. This allows you to have more control over how and what you would like to appear on your website. You can add call-to-actions, sections, and move around blocks on your website to improve your performance. You won’t be locked to a single design or layout. As your business grows, you can make changes to your site to reflect that growth. Our sites grow with you over time.

Do You Have A Project in Mind?

We take project inquiries very seriously; we value your time that much. If you have a project in mind we would love
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What describes you best?

Awesome Partnerships don’t just happen. It takes an intentional process.

I want to reduce cost of improving and maintaining your SilverStripe website without compromising on quality

If you're looking for a small team to handle your SilverStripe website, then ThatByThem is the perfect choice. We work with organizations-- small and large-- and offer exceptional hourly rates. Let us go on a journey with you as your trusted website advisors and de-facto SilverStripe developers. We can comfortably take over your website even if it is complex. We can do this because we are specialists, not generalist SilverStripe developers with over 6+ years experience. Before working on your website, we take a copy of it and move it to our cloud. We edit the cloud version so that the live version of your website is always up and running.


Taking on more clients involves hiring SilverStripe developers to cope with the workload. Your agency costs skyrocket from the first day that those new employees come on board. For over six years we have been helping agencies like yours take on more clients while keeping costs low. Living and operating our two man agency offshore keeps our operating costs low and we pass those cost savings to you. But we are not a traditional outsourcing agency. We specialize in SilverStripe. We don't just do the easy stuff. You can outsource your mores complex SilverStripe work to our little agency. We will roll up our sleeves and help you get work done. Helping you grow your agency is what we do best.

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