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Your SilverStripe project is too important to be held back

It's just plain wrong for your business or agency to suffer because of unreliable or inconsistent SilverStripe development.
Don't be held back.

We understand how frustrating it can be when the wrong SilverStripe support strains your business’ finances

Finding SilverStripe developers with enough experience to handle your most complex SilverStripe work is very difficult..

Hiring SilverStripe developers at a price point your business can afford is even harder.

We exist to help you solve these two problems.

We bring you the SilverStripe experience at the fair pricing you're looking for.

Challenges we can help you overcome

For Website Owners

  • We specialize in taking over the management of business-critical SilverStripe applications and websites.
  • We manage the transition of your SilverStripe project from your previous service provider to ThatByThem.
  • We help identify high-impact actions you can take to grow your SilverStripe website or application.

For Agencies Owners

  • We help you grow your agency without having to hire SilverStripe developers each time your workload increases.
  • We will take care of your most complex and time-consuming SilverStripe projects to help lessen the workload on your internal team.
  • We will complete all of your SilverStripe work on-time and within budget without cutting corners.

Recent clients we are helping to secure brighter futures

What Makes ThatByThem So Different?

Most developers you've worked with are generalists. They use many different technologies like Wordpress, Magento, and SilverStripe.

ThatByThem is very different. We are a SilverStripe-specialist agency. But what does that really mean?

As a specialist Agency:

  • We focus exclusively on SilverStripe development and helping clients overcome SilverStripe challenges.
  • We will help you overcome any SilverStripe challenge, regardless how complex the work might be.
  • We are the only agency that will give you a money back guarantee if we cannot technically complete your SilverStripe work.
  • We bring years of experience with us, 8+ years of working day and night on very challenging SilverStripe projects.
  • The two co-owners work directly with you, the guys who have the 8+ years experience! You are not handed off to some junior developer, account manager or a third-party and become a number in a long list of clients.

Our Back Story

In 2009 ,Dave partnered with Anh Le to build a SilverStripe web application called Cardplug. Cardplug did not make them the millions they had hoped for! So in 2010 they started ThatBythem, which was then called SilverBusters.

When you do the same thing everyday for so long, you naturally end up as experts on what you do. After 8+ years, we are still helping businesses take control of their SilverStripe, sites, apps and projects.

Dave Hennessy

Dave is a developer with 10+ years of hands-on coding experience. He has extensive experience working with 2 of the most popular stacks: PHP/MySQL (over 10 years of experience) and (8 years of experience working with the SilverStripe platform).

Anh Le Duc

Anh Le is a full stack developer with 8+ years of experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery. He is really passionate about the SilverStripe framework since 2009.

It's Easy for us to Work Together


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We talk about the SilverStripe challanges you're experiencing and why your company or agency needs a change of developers.


Set Fair Pricing

We'll review how much you were paying your old SilverStripe developers – and together, we come up with a price that's fair for your business and ours..


Execute Work

We will set up a private Slack channel so you can communicate directly with us every day. Then we start executing your SilverStripe work to give you the support you deserve.

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What's my investment?

How much is unreliable or inconsistent SilverStripe development costing your business? Working with an unreliable team might already be straining your pockets and hold your business back. We are here to help you put an end to these problems.

We are here to help you put an end to these problems. We will discuss how much you are paying your existing team and determine which areas you feel need improvement. Together, we will come up with a better plan and agree on pricing that is fair to both our businesses.

Let's talk about your SilverStripe challanges

We're excited to hear about your SilverStripe project and how we can help you